Hello 👋 2024 – esap~!

Hello 👋 2024

Hello 👋 2024

Hello 👋 2024

Hello 2024, here we come

Year after year! It gets worse every year (?)

So let's review what we have drawn this year (?)

Ⅰ. Blog annual summary

I wrote ten articles myself this year (those two didn't do anything) :(.

  • 一篇网站、服务器建设类文章 It hasn't been updated the unofficial tutorial in a while.
  • 四篇自我介绍类文章,还有一篇有关于The ESAP Project的内容
  • 三篇状态文章(就是发牢骚的时候写的啦)
  • 一篇有关Depression的内容的文章

I think the best article I wrote this year was...

This article is an introduction to The ESAP Project.(Or maybe crazy, just for fun.)
At least it is a very diligent update, it is only once a month.

Ⅱ. Gaming

This year's Steam game review is here:Click Me Click Me ~
Stardew Valley forever God! (clap👏)

Hurry up to BiliBili and follow me

To be honest, senior year is no time to play games.
This year is mainly addicted toStardew Valley and MSFS:)
Come and add Steam friends to play with me!

Ⅲ. Programming

coo (Pigeon chirp)

I don't understand how Github works, yet I don't have time to program.
(Writing Shell scripts is not programming :)

Ⅳ. Video

123,000 views were created in BiliBili this year. Thank you for liking my video!
I'll probably use both of these in the next video: Blender and Blockbuster

Ⅴ. Epilogue

This isThe ESAP ProjectAptS:1547
Thank you for your support and help over the past year.
Allow me to end this year with my playlist of the year.

If there are any keywords this year,
That's "change".
《Real Life》 – The Score

This has been the weirdest year of my life.
《the weirdest year of your life》 – C418

It's been a real up-and-down.
《Lose you now》 – Lindesy Stirling, Mako

But let us pray to the "star" in the distance.
《S.A.T.T.E.L.I.T.E.》 – かめりあ。

Thank you to all the people who supported me and helped me out of my depression.
Thank you to all the AptS who are fighting depression with me.
The rest of the way, let's go together.
《Weavers》 – Feint

01/06/2024 Edited: I deleted the wrong article again (sod)

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Hello 👋 2024
Pray to the distant satellite to walk the road of tomorrow with you. Hello 2024, here we come!
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