After the NCEE - Destory or Rebirth

After the NCEE - Destory or Rebirth

June 9, 2024, alone in bed.
With no idea what the future held for me.
At that moment, I had become a complete waste of space.
I cried against the wall and vented my emotions like a mentally unstable creature.


After the biology exam

"Biology exam finished? This is how we play? Done? - AptS: 1548"

As soon as I stepped out of the exam hall, I looked up at the sky and felt...
a sense of weightlessness.
This feeling didn't suddenly hit your body; it crept in slowly, following your every step out of the exam hall and gradually filling your head until it was all-consuming.
Empty and Listless.
Sitting in the car, I didn't feel any sense of liberation or joy, but only endless regret and fear.

I was afraid of the future, the past, disappointing others, and disappointing myself.

When I got home

Saw the dim light, my heart felt just as dark.
The games on my computer had no appeal to me at that moment.
All I could think about was the NCEE exam questions and my poor scores.
Faced with their pressure, I had no energy left to deal with it.
I just wanted to escape everything and leave this place.

It wasn't a place where I should be living.

Logging into QQ

See the classmates are sending

I am cutting [Guangdong Province special control score line], you also come to cut it, copy this text to share with friends or share to the circle of friends can participate!

(Write this really unbengable)
Having just escaped the weightless ocean, this pulls me back again.
I struggle in the ocean, but gravity pulls me down relentlessly.
"I don't know, I'm not like this at all,"
"Why do I seek suffering, why am I like this?"
With no idea how my future will unfold.

Facing the future - By 1547

This future is no longer significant. Let's listen to some music and relax.

Sink for a moment, but don't sink forever.
That's the moral we follow.
Look ahead, the answer sheet for life. You can draw anything and still get full marks.
Now, put on your headphones and listen to this song,
or, go for a walk with me to clear your mind and ride a bike?
Under this vast sky, nothing can escape your body.
Chat with me, I'll always be behind you.
Here is AptS: 1547, you've worked hard.

A final word of thanks

Thanks to the teachers and classmates who have been supporting me since the third year of high school, you have given me an unforgettable life.
Thank you for sitting next to me on the exam (biology), and ... can't write biology questions ... with me. (What a shame)
Thank you for reading this article. May you be happy every day ^_^
This is The ESAP Project. Let's go together in the future

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After the NCEE - Destory or Rebirth
The 2024 college entrance examination is over... The distance to the university is near, and I can not escape for a long time - I have been destroyed by the college entrance examination, waiting for endless rebirth
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